Reading and Technology – The Best of Both Worlds in Internet-Linked Books

Curling up with a good laptop just can’t compare to curling up with a good book. But the internet offers a benefit that a book can never live up to – moment by moment updates of fresh information. Usborne Books offer an ingenious solution by offering Internet-linked books!Are books becoming obsolete? With TV becoming more interactive and the internet reigning supreme as the source of information and entertainment, the old-school encyclopedia sets may be collecting dust. But nothing compares to the wonder of a book, vibrant illustrations in printed form, and the ability to pick it up over and over again. Yes, we love books and nothing can take their place!While books are wonderful, no one can dispute the unlimited resources that can be found online. Children must learn how to use computers and the internet in order to keep up and surpass the current technology! We also are acquainted with the dangers of allowing our children to surf unrestricted. Who knows on what they may stumble and filters only do so much.So where can we turn to give our children the best resources for learning? Books or computers? As with many “or” questions, the answer is “yes!” Internet-linked books offer all the benefits of a book. After all, it is indeed a book! But by offering quick-links on each page, information can be kept current and concepts can be reinforced through online activities.Beyond just a web address printed in a book, Usborne quicklinks direct the reader to a website maintained by Usborne with links sorted by book title and page number. Every link is monitored for content and appropriate material so that children can navigate the site safely. Imagine devouring a book on sharks and following one of the Usborne quicklinks to a live webcam of sharks in Monterey Bay! Thanks to Usborne, books have entered the 21st century.Help instill a love for books and reading that will stay with your children for a lifetime. Enhance their educational experience and encourage them to be computer savvy. Check out internet-linked books and how they can benefit your family.